24 March 2010

A prepper's supplier in disguise!

I was searching the net for where to buy a dehydrator in Edmonton, when I came upon a Prepper's supply house in disguise!

In my google search, I found Barb's Kitchen Centre Barbskitchen.com also known as The Bosch Kitchen Centre.

The website had Nesco/American Harvest dehydrators, but I was very underwhelemed by the site.  UNTIL I clicked on the link for FOOD in the banner.  When the food page loaded I found a few headings such as Rice and Beans, and Seeds.  I then decided that I had to check out the store.

I went into Edmonton the next day, and to my surprise found a store that I used to drive by every day on my way to work, a few years ago.

We went in to check it out and were helped by a very friendly young lady who answered all  my dumb questions with a smile. 

I found 3 different dehydrators:

Snackmaster  500 watts  (4 trays, 1 fruit leather sheet, 1 mesh tray and cookbook are included). Expandable to 12 trays.  $69.95
GardenMaster 1000 watts  (4 trays, 1 fruit leather sheet, 1 mesh tray and cookbook are included).  Expandable to 30 trays.  $149.00
Gardenmaster 1000 watts 8 tray professional model (includes 8 fruit leather sheets, 8 mesh trays and cookbook. Expandable to 30 trays.  $199.00

I also found:

NutriMill Flour Mill $299.99

All new Revolutionary Microburst High Speed Mill

      World's first variable high speed mill motor
      Texture control - from fine flour to cereal grain
      Trugrind milling system
      Multi- postion exhaust for smoother, cleaner, quieter airflow
      Bowl capacity 20 cups
      One hopper of grain fills one bowl of flour
      Simple to operate
      Mills grains, beans, corn, rice
      Convenient cord storage
      Limited lifetime warranty

as well as the Back to Basics mill for $99.

Then the helpful young lady took us back and showed us the Food Room...  All different types of grains, rice, beans, corn, and other wonderful goodies...  The grains and rice and stuff are packaged in small bags, but apparently they have up to 50 lb bags of the items in the back, and give bulk discounts.

In addition to this, I even found the Egg McMuffin maker i promised to buy my mom http://www0.shopping.com/xPO-Back-to-Basics-TEM-500 (we have one, it's so awesome, now I want this http://www0.shopping.com/xPO-Back-to-Basics-Back-to-Basic-Egg-N-Muffin-4-Slice-Toaster-2-Egg-Cooker which they also sell!)

All in all, an excellent find, and if you're in Edmonton, go check it out!

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19 March 2010

Another Contest

M.D. Creekmore over at the The Survivalist Blog – a survival blog dedicated to helping others prepare for and survive disaster, is giving away a  The Tactical Advantage book and DVD set by Gabriel Suarez and a copy of Don’t Get Caught With Your Pantry Down by James Talmage Stevens! To enter, you just have to post about it on your blog. This is my entry. Visit The Survivalist Blog for more information.