23 January 2010

Storing in moderation.

Read the CanadaPrepared.com forum post here:

Storing in moderation

My response:

I'm taking the easy route.  Every time we use something from the pantry, we mark on the grocery list to buy two.  The second goes into storage.  If we run out before we go to the store, we grab from the pantry, and buy 3 when we go to the store.  Once I feel we've reached whatever storage goal we're working on, (3 months, 6 months, 1 year) then we'll go back to buying 2, or possibly one.

If we see a good sale, like we did today at our tiny local grocery store, (1l apple juice for $0.89) we stock up.

Seems to be working so far, and it basically forces us to eat what we store, and to rotate stock.

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